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Slots Village's Promotions

Anyone can sign up for a free slot machine game account with Slots Village! Because we are aware that players look for casino slot machine game sites that make their money and time's worth when they play, we make sure that these players can count on us to offer great promotions, like our 300% sign up bonus! Claim this just by signing up with Slots Village for free, and start playing video slots along with many more intriguing games.

But this is not the only promotion available for players that open their free slot machine account here, as we also have weekly promotions which can be found at our Tournament page. By visiting it, you will learn about many deposit bonuses and special game offers that are held every week and which are very popular among our existing players, since they win fantastic CASH prizes every week!

For those players who will like to refer friends or family members to our online casino slot machine site they will be compensated with the Slots Village referral program bonus of 20% on every deposit that new client makes for up to 120 days (restrictions apply).

We invite everyone to celebrate their birthdays by playing on anyone of our video slot machines, we offer a $25 free slot machine birthday bonus to players on their birthdays for more details about this and any other promotion just contact us at support@slotsvillage.ag or give us a call to our Toll free number at 1-800-274-7345.

With these incentives and the up $1000 free slot machine promotion for new players you'll play slots at Slots Village.ag

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Receive a 300% welcome bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000!

First Purchase Offer:

The Welcome Bonus will automatically be added to a player's first purchase. The definition of a first purchase is the first purchase made by an individual through the deposit page at Slots Village.

Minimum Purchase:

Slots Village has a minimum $25.00 purchase eligible for the 300% Welcome Bonus!

Maximum Bonus Amount:

The maximum amount of Bonus deposited for the 300% Welcome Bonus is $1000. The maximum for players from Germany, Denmark, Great Brittan and Finland is $500.

Slots Village reserves the right to refuse or rescind the Bonus for any reason, including, but not restricted to, player abuse. Also special limits and wagering for some countries listed below related to bonus abuse.

Maximum Level of Play - Wagering Requirements:

Players need to wager at least 25 times the amount(s) deposited and 25 times the amount of the bonus received. For the bonus to qualify, they must wager the same amount of times or spend 95% of their deposit. Players who attempt to cash out any winnings prior to meeting the wagering requirements will have their payment cancelled and this process cannot be reversed. Bonus Money cannot be withdrawn and must be put into play once received. Once players have met the wagering requirements they are entitled to Cash out the winnings.

Alternative payment method bonuses:

All APM bonuses are subject to the 12x wagering before cash out or withdrawal.


If it's your Birthday, we want to know about it and help celebrate this special day by giving you a FREE $25 BIRTHDAY BONUS! All we need is for you to send in a copy of your Picture Id showing your birth date! Fax your Picture Id to E-fax 1-703-991-8879 or scan it and send it to us via email support@slotsvillage.ag. Our normal wagering and payout rules apply.


Only ONE Bonus per account: The $25 sign-up bonus is funds added to the members account once the registration is completed. Multiple accounts opened by one person will not receive the $25.00 bonus, and will be closed. These funds are used as an incentive for the enjoyment of players and have no value of themselves. Furthermore winnings from the sign up bonus can be played only and cannot be withdrawn and/or exchanged for any prize.

Sometimes Slots Village will have promotions going on which players will receive a bonus with no previous deposits required. (E.g. Free Money). Below you will find the rules that players must follow when it comes to free money promotions.

  1. Our Free Sign Up Bonus can be used to play our regular Online Slots and Video Slot Machines, but NOT our 3D Video Slot games; furthermore, the bonus money itself cannot be withdrawn; it can only be played.
  2. Any winnings made from this bonus money can be redeemed if the amount of the cash out is above $50.00 USD, which does NOT include a $25.00 USD service charge fee customers will be charged to cash out.
  3. The maximum redemption amount that players can obtain due to winnings made from existing and previous free money promotions is $150.00 USD. Any attempt to go above this limit will result in the funds being removed from the account of the player in question.
  4. Withdrawals from free bonus promotions of $50 to $150 are only processed to NETeller accounts. You must send us a copy of a recent utility bill showing an address that matches the one registered on your Slots Village account; email us your NETeller account number and/or email address and a valid Picture ID before you are able to receive your requested payout.
  5. The entire bonus amount must be put into play before a withdrawal can be requested.
  6. This promotion is not valid for players from Denmark.
  7. Players who have never made a deposit at Slots Village or players who have not deposited any funds within the last 10 days must wager the equivalent of 99 times the total of free bonuses received before requesting a withdrawal of winnings obtained on free bonus money. However, the maximum withdrawal amount will be determined based on the player's VIP level.
    * VIP Level 1-4 - Withdrawal Limits $200-$500; Regular withdrawal limit is $200. Complete a total of 5 deposits or more throughout the week and your limit will be increased to $500.
    * VIP Level 5-9 - Withdrawal limits $500 - $1000; Regular withdrawal limit is $500. Complete a total of 5 deposits or more throughout the week and your withdrawal limit will be increased to $1000.
    * VIP Level 10-12 - Withdrawal limit up to $2500.
  8. The official wagering requirements of a free bonus is 20 times if you play Bingo and Pull Tabs and 65 times if you play Slots or Video Poker and this includes winnings made on our Bingo games. In the event that a player starts wagering on casino games (Video Poker, Keno and Slots) the wagering requirements will automatically increase to 65 times.
  9. Slots Village is aware that some of our free bonus links may be posted in other sites and/or throughout forums; or free money promotional information has been erroneously sent to others who were not the intended recipients. If Slots Village has enough grounds to believe and prove that a player did NOT receive that particular promotional information through the exclusive means that this promotion was sent out to, we will not honor any payout requests from the player, even if he/she has met wagering criteria.

Due to repeated fraud and security breach attempts from players, members from the following countries will have their accounts indefinitely suspended until further notice: Costa Rica, Israel, Poland, Romania, Denmark.


New players in the casino will be limited to a maximum of $5000 per month. The balance will remain active in the account until such time as the whole amount is executed. For our regular players the amount is $10000 maximum per month or as per mutual agreement with his personal account manager.


The online casino industry is aware of this phenomenon and in the process of establishing a black list for players categorized under these criteria's. On line casinos offer bonuses to enhance the entertainment level and increase customer playtime in the casino just as land based casinos's offer certain incentives to their loyal and serious gamers. Bonus abusing takes place when the player has no intention to use the casino for entertainment but to try and manipulate an un-fair advantage. This will not be tolerated and a players deposit will be returned and balances cleared.

If Slots Village has enough grounds to believe that players are abusing our bonus program, Slots Village will disallow players from taking part of our regular bonus program and instead, they will be entitled to a 15% on all deposits only with a 20x wager rule. Slots Village will notify such players via any of the means we have to communicate with players to notify them about this. Such policy isnt' permanent and players will be revised from time to time.


To consistently make your playing experience here better, we are always looking for new ways to increase your possibilities to hit one of our big prizes and jackpots, so we decided to introduce an insurance program as a part of our site's promotions.

Who is eligible for this program?

All those members that received a special coupon via email or have been contacted by one of our representatives, and invited to participate in this special promotion.

What are the requirements to participate in the program?

Every time we offer this insurance, you will be provided with a code. All you need to do is contact our support representatives stating that you want to participate with that promo code and you will be in; you will also need to claim the insurance back once you spent all your insured deposit.

How does the program work?

It's really very simple! We will give you a percentage back, in cash, of your insured deposit.

So for example, if the offer is for 20% insurance, then if you deposited $200 and requested it be insured, you will be able to get $40 back once you have completely used the $200 deposit.

Please remember that this insurance is only applicable on one deposit and must be requested before you make another deposit after the insured transaction. If you make a new deposit before requesting the 20% cash back, the insurance will be automatically voided, and no exceptions will be made under ANY circumstances.

How do I get the cash back?

You have to request that your deposit be insured by mentioning the promo code to our Customer Support Staff. You will then need to contact them again as soon as your total balance is down to $0, in order to be credited with the cash back percentage of your insured deposit.

Important Note

All accounts that have not been used for 12 months or more will be temporarily disabled and the amount in bonus will be revoked.


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