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Banking Information

Terms and Conditions / Withdrawal Guidelines

  1. Payouts are reviewed and/or processed only on Mondays which means players must enter their payout request before Saturday 11:59 am EST in order to have it reviewed that week.
  2. Upon requesting a withdrawal, the player is agreeing to and accepting that s/he understands all of our withdrawal Terms and Conditions. The player also acknowledges that we only process payouts through the available payment methods featured on the withdrawal page of Slots Village.
  3. Slots Village will only process ONE withdrawal request per account and per review. In the event of an account holder having multiple withdrawal requests on the same review, the Accounting Department will decline all subsequent requests and send them back to the player’s account.
  4. Slots Village will only honor ONE payout approval per related/spousal account, per review and per week.
  5. The maximum withdrawal amount of $5000 is determined on the available payment options, the method used when requesting the payout and the VIP level. VIP members will be able to withdraw higher amounts based on the agreement with Slots Village, which will be determined on a case to case basis.
  6. Player accounts set at HIGH risk by our Security Department will have payout requests declined.
  7. We will only review ONE payout request per player, per review, this includes any possible withdrawal requests the customer may have made in other sites operated by Winward Group. Consequently, this means that we will honor only ONE payout per player, per review in our entire network of sites.
  8. All players are obliged to meet the wagering requirements stated on our bonus rules before requesting a payout. Failure to comply with the requirements will result in the withdrawal request being declined.
  9. The minimum amount for a withdrawal request is $50.00 USD and the maximum amount will be subject to variation depending on the selected payment method.
  10. If the player used any major Credit or Debit Card to fund the account, a Credit Card Voucher must be submitted to us before requesting a payout. A clear and legible copy of all of the Credit or Debit Cards used to fund the account will be required along with a copy of a valid government issued ID and a copy of a recent utility bill to verify the player’s physical address. Failure to provide all of the aforementioned documents and information will result in the denial of your withdrawal request.
  11. Prior to requesting a payout, the player MUST have a valid landline telephone number registered in their account. Players will also be asked to provide a copy of a telephone bill for us to verify that the address registered on the player profile matches the one registered for the landline. Customers who don’t have a landline, alternative documentation will be requested as a replacement. Please note that a false claim of unavailable landline will result as a payout declined and/or suspension of your account.
  12. We will attempt to contact the player via the telephone number provided by him/her to verify it is in working order; players with invalid or canceled telephone numbers will have their payouts declined.
  13. All the copies we receive of utility and telephone bills from customers will only be valid for one year after receiving the first copy. It is the player’s sole responsibility to provide the Accounting Department with a copy of a utility bill at least once a year. Failure to do so will void all pending payouts requests.
  14. In the case of multiple/related accounts we will not permit one account holder to request a payout while the other account holder has a pending withdrawal. If one of the accounts has a pending withdrawal, the second or spousal account will not be able to request a payout until after the first withdrawal is processed and a new deposit has been made after the processed payout. We will only allow ONE payout per spousal account at a time; the first withdrawal submitted will be the one processed and if there is a payout request on the second account it will be automatically declined.
  15. Players with other accounts in any of our network of sites must have all required information on file before requesting a payout. In the event of a household account, both accounts must have all documentation on file and must be in good standing before requesting a payout.
  16. Players with ACH deposits or Paper Checks must have all transactions cleared and up to date prior to requesting a payout and an ACH Authorization Form and a copy of a voided check must be submitted, before requesting a payout.
  17. Upon approval of an E-check withdrawal, there is a new implementation in the E-Check process as instructed by the payment provider; we must follow a new authentication process prior to any bank wire/E-Check being released; therefore, we need to verify that the banking information on file matches the customer’s account details with the bank. We will then proceed to send a random amount of less than $1 to player’s bank account and once the player confirms the amount that was credited into his/her account, we will require an email back to accounting@slotsvillage.ag confirming this amount. We will then transfer the rest of the funds and the option will be available to the player for future payout requests. Failure to authenticate within 7 business days will result in the declination of the payout and the money will be flowed back to your account; furthermore, the option will no longer be available to the player. In the event of a change in the banking information, the player will have to follow the complete procedure for bank account verification.
  18. All the required documentation must be submitted to security@slotsvillage.ag or faxed to 1-703-991-8879
  19. Upon requesting a withdrawal the player is aware that a verification process might be put into effect. This consists of Management selecting a few random accounts with pending withdrawals, in order to review the paperwork that has been received from them, to make sure it is complete and legible, that the account information matches the paperwork and to review the account game sessions. This is a random procedure and there is no pre-determined selection process, meaning that there is no way to anticipate beforehand which accounts will be reviewed. Please bear in mind that this procedure may be repeated more than once a year, and depends significantly on the security level set by our Risk and Security Department; the type of game played and if any suspicious pattern of play is detected; therefore, every customer who requests a payout will be subject to this process at some point or another, even if they have all the corresponding requirements for a payout in order. Once the verification process has been started, the funds are returned to your Slots Village account, you are free to request a new payout at your own discretion, however the payout will not be reviewed until the verification process is completed, and the time this takes can vary on an individual customer basis depending on the flexibility of the case. This procedure enables our Security and Management Departments to avoid any abuse of our system, identify theft and ensure that all the information under the player profile is legitimate and that all requirements for requesting subsequent payouts have been fulfilled.
  20. We solicit from all players the corresponding information of the withdrawal method of their preference via email to accounting@slotsvillage.ag, before requesting a payout through any of our available withdrawal methods. In the event of a player providing incorrect information, and by doing so, this may result in the payout being sent to the wrong account. Slots Village will strive to recover those funds on behalf of the player in order to send them to the appropriate account holder; however, we cannot guarantee this being successful. It is the player´s sole responsibility to provide us with complete and accurate withdrawal information in the emails sent to avoid this aforementioned situation and for a successful withdrawal process on our side.
  21. For payouts approved via Paper Check, we will attempt to send them a maximum of 3 times to be picked by the customer. It is customer’s solely responsibility to be attentive of its arrival in order to pick up the check; otherwise, failure to do so for 3 times and as consequence, the money will be returned to the customer's account and the Paper Check option will be disabled and no longer available. Paper Checks are delivered only to physical addresses.
  22. If a player has made winnings from any of our free money promotions the following rules will be administered:
    1. Bonus money itself cannot be withdrawn; it can only be played.
    2. Any winnings made from this bonus money can be redeemed if the amount of the cash out is above $50.00 USD, which does NOT include a $25.00 USD service charge fee customers will be charged to cash out.
    3. The maximum redemption amount that players can obtain due to winnings made from existing and previous free money promotions is $150.00 USD. Any attempt to go above this limit will result in the funds being removed from the account of the player in question.
    4. Withdrawals from free bonus promotions of $50 to $150 are only processed to NETeller accounts. You must send us a copy of a recent utility bill showing an address that matches the one registered on your Slots Village account; email us your NETeller account number and/or email address and a valid Picture ID before you are able to receive your requested payout.
    5. The entire bonus amount must be put into play before a withdrawal can be requested.
    6. This promotion is not valid for players from Denmark.
    7. Players who have never deposited into their Slots Village account and players who have not deposited any funds within the last 10 days prior to using these free funds, must wager the equivalent of 65 times the free money given, before they are entitled to cash out any winnings made from it. So for example, if $10.00 USD were credited to your account in free money, you must wager $200.00 USD before you can cash out any winnings. Also, a wagering of $100.00 USD is required to cash out any winnings made on free games.
    8. Wagers made on Roulette, Craps and any type of Blackjack games will not count towards meeting the wagering criteria for free money promotions.
    9. Slots Village is aware that some of our free bonus links may be posted in other sites and/or throughout forums; or free money promotional information has been erroneously sent to others who were not the intended recipients. If Slots Village has enough grounds to believe and prove that a player did NOT receive that particular promotional information through the exclusive means that this promotion was sent out to, we will not honor any payout requests from the player, even if he/she has met wagering criteria.
  23. All winnings transferred from our associated Free Playing sites are considered a special cash bonus, and must be wagered 20 times before cash out is possible. Customers with no deposits within the last 10 days are not only subject to this requirement, but must also meet the rules regarding winnings made from any of our free money promotions.
  24. Players who make a deposit while they have a pending withdrawal request are not eligible for a deposit bonus.
  25. Customers with winnings from free money and those with no deposits within the last 10 days will be able to withdraw a maximum of $999 per week until another deposit is registered on the account.
  26. Players who haven’t deposited in the last 60 days will be able to withdraw a maximum of $500 per month. This in order to avoid fraudulent activity such as money laundering and other.
  27. Slots Village has the exclusive right to edit, add or remove rules and/or Terms and Conditions from the payout guidelines without prior notice to players. It is the player’s responsibility to periodically check our guidelines in order to be fully informed and up to date with every rule, and thus avoid any possible future discrepancies.
  28. All players that have been registered at the site less than 6 months will need to meet the following requirements prior to requesting a payout:
    1. Must have processed at least 3 successful deposits at the site.
    2. Payouts cannot exceed $500 over a period of 30 days i.e. one month, during the first 6 months.
    3. The same payment method the player selected for deposits will be used to issue payouts, with the only exception being that the payment method is not available for payouts.
    4. Our free money rules will NOT be affected by these criteria.
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