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9/10 rating from me. I really like this site compared to the other places that I've played online. It's easy to get around and to find what you're looking for, and it seems like they've really cut out on the clutter. There's a load of games to choose from, which is always something I look for when playing slots.

August 04, 2015

I like playing at Slots Village because the games they have are really entertaining and they're always introducing new games, so you can't get bored. My favorite games to play are Black Diamond and Graveyard Shift. My husband really likes the tournaments that they host on the site because you can win really cool prizes like all-inclusive vacations.

June 25, 2015

I found this site after reading top reviews of the best places to play slots. I tried out a bunch of different sites but ended up sticking to Slots Village because of how simple the layout is. I really like the design, it's to the point and very easy to navigate. Friendly support staff too!

June 10, 2015

Great site to play slot games. You get into the action really quick and it's pretty easy to set up an account. I really like their bonuses because you get a lot from depositing a little. They have pretty fun promotions that they change up every few weeks. I'd reccomend this site to anyone looking to play slots online.

May 03, 2015